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Warranty, Terms and Conditions

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All of our products and services are strictly for sporting use within the United Kingdom only!

Please do not purchase our products if you intend to export them outside of the United Kingdom. Any person or organisation whom transports any of our products abroad, do so at their risk, and without the consent of Lawrence Precision Ltd.

All of our products are carefully built to exacting standards, and sold with a limited original purchaser warranty, lasting 12 months from the date of purchase. This shall cover only parts and labour supplied by Lawrence Precision Ltd and covers only defects in materials or manufacturing.

We do not give warranty for any of our products which have been modified , tampered with, or have been abused, misused or damaged due to such.

All of our products are sold strictly subject to the following terms and conditions. By purchasing or using any product/s made or supplied by Lawrence Precision Ltd, it is hereby agreed and understood that the purchaser, agent for purchaser, or any user or end user of a Lawrence Precision product, is in full agreement of these terms and conditions. Also, any purchaser or agent hereby agrees to pass these details on to the end user.

Legal Rights & Limitations to Liability.

Due to the very dangerous nature of firearms, the owner/user of any product made or supplied by Lawrence Precision Ltd, does fully agree to assume full responsibility and liability for the safety of himself and any person whilst using any product supplied by Lawrence Precision Ltd, and he or she accepts full responsibility for the safety of his/herself and those around them and agrees to follow and take full responsibility and liability for using proper health & safety procedures during said product's use at all times. Whereas we regularly test our products for safety, firearms and ammunition are known to be dangerous by their very nature and therefore the owner and or user of any Lawrence Precision product accepts full risk and liability for any personal injury, claim, charge or damage to property or person or any other claim arising from its use or ownership, regardless of circumstances or events leading up to or surrounding any injury, claim or charge.

All users of Lawrence Precision products are responsible for the safety of themselves, and other persons, while using Lawrence Precision products. Lawrence Precision Ltd accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any damage or personal injury of any kind caused during the use of any product made by Lawrence Precision Ltd or otherwise. It is herby understood that the owner or user assumes sole responsibility to keep safe both himself or herself and any property, person or persons nearby or other, and to use any equipment supplied or made by Lawrence Precision Ltd safely and responsibly, with consideration to the safety of others and their property.

The owner/user of any Lawrence Precision product agrees to take on full liability and consequences during its use. The liability of Lawrence Precision Ltd is strictly limited to cover only the material warranty repairs of any product supplied by Lawrence Precision Ltd of which may be found to be defective in material or manufacture, and shall extend no further than repair or replacement of that product made or supplied by Lawrence Precision Ltd and at our discretion.

It is advised that any shooter should have in place proper insurance to cover for any unfortunate event which may subsequently lead to any claim or charge. Furthermore, it is advisable to have any firearm or accessory, regardless of make, regularly checked by a professional gunsmith, for any signs of fatigue or damage. Lawrence Precision offer to do this free of charge for the life of the product supplied by us, for the original purchaser, and for a reasonable fee to any person/owner thereafter.

It is also understood that any sound moderator we make or sell is in no way a replacement or substitute for proper hearing protection, and further, we strongly recommend the use of eyewear safety glasses at all times. We advise that any person using or near a rifle whilst in use, should use proper hearing protection and eye protection at all times including with our products. We also strongly advise against the use of home loaded or reloaded ammunition with any of our products, due to the lack of proper quality control seen many times and dcoumented.

Muzzle thread quality concentricity / moderator damage.

Due to several badly threaded muzzles we have come across, even on factory threaded rifle, we recommend the user has his rifle thread checked by a professional, so as to ensure both proper thread size and concentricity to the bore, before using a Lawrence Precision moderator on it.

Should your muzzle thread be found to be off centre, over or under sized, then we accept no liability for any damage caused to or by any moderator supplied by Lawrence Precision Ltd. Further, we accept no liability for any damage, injury or other, which may be found to have been caused by bullet strike or over charge of powder/pressure ect due to improper or over loaded ammunition or incorrect/poor quality threading of the muzzle.

Again, the owner or user herby accepts full liability and responsibility during its use or other. The purchase or use of any product supplied or made by Lawrence Precision Ltd shall be understood to constitute full agreement to these terms and conditions. No other warranty or liability is given or implied and no other person or organisation may do so on behalf of Lawrence Precision Ltd.


Dear Simon,

I just thought I'd send you a couple of pictures of my Lawrence Precision moderator in action. I was out with a friend early this morning and we managed to get 7 red deer, 2 roe and 4 muntjac! I can't begin to tell you how awesome my moderator is. I've always hunted down the ultimate in.

Whatever I do and this is truly it! I hope your business is going well.

My rifle kitted out with your moderator is the ultimate and the wow of everyone who sees it.